United States Dealers Reinsurance Company, LLC


An Alabama Series LLC Company

Comparison to typical offshore reinsurance company

  • Flexibility – Not limited to just reinsurance

    • Can include direct Dealer coverage (not reinsured):

      • Hail deductible

      • Cancellation coverage

      • Limited warranty

      • Others

  • Each LLC is a separate corporate entity, like an offshore company

    • distinct tax‐id and files form 1120PC

    • has own trust and other accounts

    • separate reinsurance agreements

    • makes 831(b) election if premiums under limit

  • As US company, it does NOT do the following

    • File for 953(d) election

    • File any foreign account forms or have exposure to associated penalties (FATCA)

      • FBAR (form 114)

      • From 8938

    • Respond to any government requests for information from US owned foreign companies or future hindrances on offshore operations

      • Like BE‐10 survey from Bureau of Economic Analysis in 2015

    • Hinder funds transfers to new accounts because of reporting requirements placed on financial institutions

  • Alabama is an award‐winning domicile for captive insurance companies

  • Costs comparable to T&C companies

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